Dead Bones EP

by The Death In Me

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This is a collection of songs that we put our heart and soul into, each individual track has a different purpose, and we hope that it can do for you what it has done for us. May God be with you all always


released October 13, 2013

All lyics by The Death In Me

Engineered/Produced By Sid Menon

Mastering By Jamie King

Artwork/Design By Colin Twyman



all rights reserved


The Death In Me Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Lion And The Lamb
Consume me with fire
I exalt this plea
to you, Father
Let the ashes fall
let me be consumed
by your love and glory
and let this flesh be burned to nothing

Take all I am and leave only you
I live to be made of your will to serve only you

Build me upon the rock of you word
Construct me of the nature of heaven
For I am filth therefore cleanse me and make me fit for you my king

I give you my life
I give you my soul
Take all that I am and make it all for you

You are creator you are my king
Command my path and so it shall be
I am at your beckon call
I am your humble servant
All that I am and all that I may is all for you my king
Salvation incarnate
The Lion and the Lamb

I stand in awe as you part the waters
I feel the weight of the mountains breathe
So now I scream with heart in your hands
I am finally free
I hear the father calling his son
To finally know
What it means to live. A life. Of. Love.

The way
The truth
The light
The Lion
The Lamb

The way
The truth
The light
The Messiah

Running fast and faster to you my king
To fulfill the prophecy set forth for me
I am your tool to use

Mold me to be your messenger
Use me to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth
All that I am, ever was and ever will be is yours
Track Name: Temptress
Oh, wicked temptress you know how to please
Our pleasure so shortly lived
Ravage and mutilation in our hearts
Seeded with the desire to destroy
Embedded with the Holy Ghost
Our soul over flows with compassion
Circling, Circling, we’re so lost and confused
Is this really what we have become?

I need my God above
Our Emanuel
Rebuild us, repair us
Make us your messengers
Our God above, our Emanuel
Let your will be done

Follow the path so easily strayed
She finds her way back around

Back for more, we reap and we sew
Our own fate repeating
We can never learn
We crave the bitter taste of cold reality
Oh God please tell me why!!!
I’m so tired of the same trends
The same damned woman finding her way to my heart
The lady of suffering so seductive
But of this cycle, I’ll have no more
So keep me from your ill intentions,
from your worldly struggle
I have my God…he’s been waiting
So patiently…for far too long

Our Emanuel
Rebuild us, repair us
Make us your messengers
Our God above, our Emanuel
Show us light
Show us sight
We crave you grace
We crave to see you at those pearly gates
Deliver us from this broken race of these broken men.
Track Name: Dead Bones
Join together brothers and sisters.
Not just in tongue but in spirit,
The presence of the almighty beckons thee, oh it beckons the

"Come home, come home
Your more than just a temple of flesh/
More than just bones waiting to return to dust"

Speak up and with a shout of triumph oh children of his promise
Children of the unquenchable wind of the Holy Ghost
you were made to love each other as he loves us

And in this union we will devour hatred, disdain, apathy, and every grotesque perversion of truth the enemy places in our touch

Release the lion of your spirit dear vagabond, please let it go
Oh death where is your sting

For we are all children of the greatest I am, and we are invincible through our loving king
For he has conquered even death itself
So by what reason should I be petrified by the lies of hell

God bring us home
Track Name: Beloved Victim
Roaring like a freight train,
I feel a storm rushing in.
Pulsing through my veins, the blood begins to rush,
A cold sweat upon me, God this is too much.

I can’t seem to find the words
To wash me clean
I search & scrounge every page
From whence you last returned
So lost in the fog, yet I hear your whisper
"You’re never alone"
Lord I feel you’re so close
I’m so close to returning home

Sword drawn I pierce the apple's spine,
Written for me in stone, a command left so divine
On my knees in the sand, I relinquish it all to you.
I am your beloved victim.
Track Name: Overcomer
If all these words
Are just thoughts I don't want to hear
Then I'll just find something
Worth a little less than my time
If I could find myself
Than I'd fix what's wrong with everybody else

But still I feel this whole buried deep in my chest
Tells me I'm not okay

And this blood on my hands
I just take it for granted
For all the things you've done
To save me from myself
My heart is facing out
Can you feel my resound?
Oh my soul, bleeding down

So where are you? Where did you hide?
Desperate for love
My spirit is concrete dry
I need your presence now
To remind me why I'm alive

I'm in the house of death
Fending of this storm of skin and bone