An Appeal To Heaven

by The Death In Me

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released June 28, 2017

The Death In Me is

Drums - James Sackett
Guitars - Kyle Calise
Vocals - Greg Johnston

Additional writing & bass performed by Andrew Soper
Dragging Chains written by Colin Harvey

Engineered Mixed & Mastered by Blackplate Productions

All songs written & performed by The Death In Me

Special thank you to

Blake Gederburg, Nathan Stidham, Seth Reppond, Jon Berrier, Garrett Barefoot, Erik "Easy" Huffman, Andrew Soper, Aaron Haskins, Colin Harvey, Colin Twyman, Aaron Hutchinson, Dylan Mckae Jones, Halston Castro, Sean Sarikaya, Caityln Varrone, Nichole Lane, Elizabeth Barney, Ross Penning, Bryan Fleming, Stephan Harm, Stephan Hert, Alex Gutzmer, Danny Adams, Jamie King, Hunter Puhr, Oliver Kamyszew, Tanner Detweiler, Stephen Morrow, Max Folsom, Mike Busbee, Eric Myers, Justin Doan, Stephen & Megan Carpenter, Lee Humerian, Chris Roy, Wolfe Bailey @ Overcast Print & Design, Shane Merrill, Creation Festivals, Zechariah Kramm, David Borges, Word Of Life Assembly in San Angelo Texas, Chris Works, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chick Fil A, CVS, Mike Farrell, Mindy O'Connor, Julie Tew, Shanna Blue, Laurane & Jimmy Sackett, Dave & Deb Johnston, Chris & Amy Johnston, Tom Calise, Jason & Vicky Guetgemann, Nick Cotrufo, Taylor "Frat" Duke, Shane Neering, Brock Dehler, Henry @ Dominos, South Carolina School Of Leadership, Matt & Addair Mcandrew, Tommy Green, David Puckett, Alfonso Civile, AAA, Lynchburg Virginia City Proper, Cecil Johnston, Alvinn Triplett, Joe Graybill (for being Greg's first crowdkill), Dane Harrison, Josh Hall, Debbie & Richard Barney, Mike & Rachel Soper, Dale & Barb Geyer, Matt Green, Nathan Evans, Seth Geyer, Isaac & Ian Gilchrist, Blake Suddath, Sean Harmanis, Morgan Carney & Rocketown, & Alex Gaspar

special thanks to our friends in

Take Heart, Meadows, Castors Hollow, Atrocities, War Prayer, Icarus/Great Grief, Live For What Lasts, Valleys (NC), Comrades, Conveyer, Strengthen What Remains, Household, New Heart, Pathway Home, BoughtxBlood, Between Two Thieves, Phinehas, & Ruin



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The Death In Me Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Earth
My hope lives across the sea
And now these dead bones crawl
Writhing in dismay through this palace of dirt
For how I long to cross the shore
Into a place where my tongue is free
But there is still no change in me
Each answer brings more questions
Longing, for reasons to be
I am still empty
I have found nothing but dismay in the arms of man
I’ve come to embrace this shroud
Life inside this veil of fake sorrow
Longing for the means to believe
Beaten down by an unfulfilled tomorrow
Every day seems to be on repeat
Each night stuck in rewind
My eyes long for sleep
While my heart just years to survive
(I can’t stand)
Letting my dreams die inside my insecurities
Letting the world overshadow the Holy Ghost
Come descendant of Jacob and walk in the light of your God
Speak to me LORD renew this wretched mind
Give me purpose for these numbered days
A grain of sand can tip a scale
Oh what can be done with your unending grace
If we are Your children, may the earth be Your crown
Rid us of these gods and kings and the lies that cast us down
I give up my labor, my conquest for fame
Show me Your face
Tell me my name
My Hope lives inside of me
Track Name: Gloom
I'm so sick of dragging myself along
Binding sin to every whim just to find a song worth singing
But they're never worth singing
Every word from all these convoluted songs
Bring me no hope as I'm drug along
I've labored, I've trialed, I've toiled, I'm snared
And all I've found is that
There is nothing
I am nothing
I know I've been born a son but I still pander for a father as I come undone
You told me that your God could calm the sea
But these waves still rage in spite of my plea
I know I spew arrogance for my happiness is based on my happenstance
They say I've found identity yet I am still consumed by my depravity
I am sinking
Forever sinking
You are walking
Walking away
I know I'm just running in circles
Trying to discern if You're really there
My heart it has failed within me
God please show me that You're really there
Track Name: Atrocities
They want to know what they're worth
So they make believe they're closer
Than they know
They want to show what they're worth
And they've come to see they're further
Than they know
This is fundamental deconstruction
The aberration of man
The defilement of our daughters
Broken open again and again
And it’s all for profit
And it’s all for gain
Yet we play the victim
Though we're all the same
We've deemed them worthless
Despite their hopes and dreams
'Your heart, it doesn't matter
Now get on that screen'
Justify it all as a moment of weakness
Brood about yourselves in your illusion of meekness
Distort and convolute the definition of cheapness
Just know you're not a man midst this incompleteness
Track Name: Blackwater
My son, clench your fists
And let Him keep you from a deed such as this
Oh daughter, flee from the youth
Who think your beauty’s just a thing to abuse
Do you know her name?
Can you remember her face?
Or his her beauty just another thing for your eyes to trace?
Mark my words this will follow you
Long after you’ve put pride back in your hands
You’ve done this to yourself
Deconstruct your every effort
No religion can save you
There is no labor that can make you whole
You are the victim of your own circumstance
But is it you that you really war against
Are you weak?
Or are you wicked?
You are worth more than what you hold in your hands
Your sin does not define you
Nor do the thoughts/deeds of man
In Adam you fell
In Christ you stand
There’s been no end to your searching
But your labor’s been in vain
To find what you’d call purpose
And to seek a higher Name
But this hollow earth you’ve overturned
Has nothing left for you
And as you lie awake at night
You can’t help but know it’s true
But my friend, you’ve been lied to
For there’s a life that’s after death
There is hope in one called Jesus
And as He took His final breath
Your victory was won
As He hung upon that tree
And now Heaven’s gates are open wide
They’re open wide for thee
Track Name: Dragging Chains
Face in the dirt, my flesh numb to conviction
I ponder how I ended up so far down in this hole
It's getting dark, yet I won't look up to the sun
I'm getting cold, yet I reject His warming glow

My spirit comes alive for an instant
Writhing in fear from the darkness abounding
The bottle tightens it's grip, lust begins to set in
I feel the apathy encasing me
Why do you ransom your shame, my son?
The wind's crying out, (oh, be still)
"Move forward day by day
Just keep on dragging your chains"
That's all I hear but it's not so simple
I find no peace, no rest in this hellhole
I have no control without you God
I keep running back to the same old habits
I'm sprawled out on the floor bawling my eyes out
Digging this hole, unable to climb out
a forged collar around my neck
Chained down to the ground, pulling me closer to hell
Strapped down by my own addictions
I crave to feel the light of conviction again
Why do you ransom your shame, my son?
The wind's crying out
How do you think it felt when He carried your chains to the cross?
He died to bring you the key
The house of freedom is wide open, my son, come in and be free
Move on, my son, I've given you authority to overcome these things
Speak up, my son, stand up and break off the chains that bind you
I speak to sin, and I speak to the father of lies;
I'm unbound, I am free
I am not your slave
There's not a thing you could do that could mend
The chains and snares that you've forged against me
Your Father has broken these chains
You’re not slaves
Track Name: An Appeal To Heaven
This is an appeal to Heaven
Jesus there's no hope without You
Our wretched hearts, they bear no fruit
Enlightened minds turned destitute
Show us Your will
Teach us Your ways
Speak now, for I have no peace
I am the undeserving
The ungrateful
I am the thief, wayward and cold
My will, it means so little in light of the things that I do not know
My doubt, it means so much
In light of the One that I claim to 'trust'
Redeemer, redeem us
Show us that these bones are more than just dust
Counselor, counsel us
Spare us this death, decay, dismay, the moth and rust
Redeemer, redeem us
Counselor, counsel us
I looked and I found that not one was faithful
I turned and I saw that I am not faithful
I can't blame my doubt, or my disbelief
No, I don't need proof, it's all I can see
Redeemer, redeem us
Counselor, counsel us
This is an appeal to Heaven
Redeemer, redeem us
Counselor, counsel us
This is an appeal to Heaven
These clear skies mean nothing to me
They're just a constant reminder of what shouldn't be
I've filled my soul with ambition's lust
And drowned my heart in earthly dust
This is an appeal to Heaven
We're not gunna make it without You
This is an appeal to Heaven
I'm not gunna make it
Track Name: King of Me
I was once a liar, plastic and fake
Shifting words and sifting faces just to catch a break
But now this wind exposing the scars on my back
I need conviction, repentance
My temple’s charred black
Love of God
Cleanse us of
This filth we’ve sewn
I listen only to what I desire
Witness only to what I see fit
My life, and endless charade
All to manipulate Your name
My plot so cleanly molded
No one will see through me
I’m gunna make this life
Work for me
I’ll be the king of me
He’s exposing the vultures that are circling ahead
Walking through this valley of the shadow of death
I declare, in spirit and truth
I know who I am
This will be the last time
I say that I need this
Because it’s pointless and it’s arrogant
To say that I need this
The only thing I’m worthy of
Is the eternal pit
But if nothing I am Yours
And in You I live
(I give up control)
Track Name: Evergreen
For years we have carried this burden
But our redemption is just a matter of time
Principal without principality is nothing more than knowledge without execution
They want it all they want it in their hands
But it doesn't make a difference where you stand
They want the God who can calm the seas
But they won't stop until they see them down on their knees
Just look at the prices that they've paid
Look at the mistakes that we have made
Their blood is on our hands
Their silence is broken
In the end
There is always another day
But in the end
There's no end to what you've thrown away
Dig in deep like the evergreens
And find yourself in the one unseen
Dig in deep like the winter trees
And rid yourself of your barren king